libcdr import filter library

Libcdr is library providing ability to interpret and import Corel Draw drawings into various applications. You can find it being used in libreoffice.


Getting the sources

libcdr sources are stored in git. To get them, you can use:

git clone git://

or you can browse the code online.

If you want to use release version you can fetch it from libreoffice mirror.

Building it


You will need these applications in order to compile libcdr:

doxygen # optional for documentation building (--with-docs)

Once the source has been checked out, libcdr can be built in usual manner:

cd libcdr
make install


Once you have done a change that you are happy with, and that builds with libcdr, contribute it back, we'll be happy to integrate it! There are two ways to get your contribution to us:

  1. submitting it to gerrit (preferred, easier if you already have done the initial setup)
  2. sending a patch

Both methods require that you commit the changes to your local repository first:

git commit -a

The submission differs by method and is discussed in the following sections.


This section draws heavily on documentation for libreoffice.

You need to have an account in libreoffice gerrit. How to do that is discussed in length here (the logerrit tool is in libreoffice repo, but the manual way works). After you have done that, you are ready to push your change(s). How to do that manually is described here. Alternatively, there is a tool called git-review that makes it (IMHO) much easier.

As an example, if you are using git-review, you submit you change(s) with plain

git review

Sending patches

git format-patch origin/master

will create one or more patch files. You can send these to .


You can get in touch with us using multiple ways:

  1. using IRC server and joining channel #documentliberation-dev
  2. using mailinglist
  3. filling bugreport in Freedesktop bugzilla