MiracleCast - Wifi-Display/Miracast Implementation

The MiracleCast project provides software to connect external monitors to your system via Wifi. It is compatible to the Wifi-Display specification also known as Miracast. MiracleCast implements the Display-Source as well as Display-Sink side.

The Display-Source side allows you to connect external displays to your system and stream local content to the device. A lot of effort is put into making this as easy as connecting external displays via HDMI. On the other side, the Display-Sink allows you to create wifi-capable external displays yourself. You can use it on your embedded devices or even on full desktops to allow other machines to use yours as an external display.

MiracleCast is currently under heavy development. A lot of interfaces may change without notice. Link-management works quite nice already, everything else is still being worked on. For more information, please see the HOWTO document.



Distribution Packages:

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