This page is part of the OpenRaster file format description.

Draft OpenRaster Specification

Version 0.0.4-pre.1

Baseline Intent

Every OpenRaster file is compliant to Baseline.

This intent is for exchange between applications and it is allowed to have custom extensions in such a file.

Archival Intent

This intent is for long-term archival and does not allow any application specific extensions. It places additional restrictions on the Baseline Intent.

  • Still under discussion.

Extensions / Modules

This describes optional features that are not part of baseline. Extensions should have published working code, and be supported in more than one OpenRaster-aware application.

Proposals and Application Specific Extensions

Those might move to the Extensions after discussion. Application developers are invited to create a wiki entry here and develop it. At some point it might be proposed for inclusion to the Extensions through the Create mailing list.