for 0.16.2

I. Administrative Guide
Command manual pages
realm — Manage enrollment in realms
realmd.conf — Tweak behavior of realmd
Using with Active Directory
Discovering Active Directory domains
Active Directory client software
Using SSSD with Active Directory
Using Winbind with Active Directory
Joining an Active Directory domain
Logins using Domain Accounts
Using with IPA
Discovering IPA domains
IPA client software
Joining a IPA domain
Logins using Domain Accounts
Using with other Kerberos realms
Discovering Kerberos realms
II. Developer Reference
DBus Interface Reference
org.freedesktop.realmd.Provider — a realm provider
org.freedesktop.realmd.Realm — a realm
org.freedesktop.realmd.Kerberos — a kerberos realm
org.freedesktop.realmd.Service — the realmd service
Raw DBus Interfaces