Please note: This is under construction, much documentation is missing - please help and contribute.

Summary of modes used by sb2 and sb2-init

emulate Run the target binaries, virtually chrooting into the target buildroot, useful for testing or maintaining the target directory (if you have a debian in it, apt-get & co can be run under emulate mode).

simple Very straightforward compilation oriented mapping mode, does as little as possible, trying to be predictable. This is the default.

devel A much more complex mapping mode designed for Maemo SDK+, produces an environment functionally similar to SB1

maemo_simple simple mode modified to work with Maemo peculiarities

tools Build tool distribution maintenance, for example if you're developing for a debian target on a Fedora host, you may want to have a debian for your host machine available in a directory ~/debian_chroot to be used for building, this mode makes it possible to maintain that without root access. When creating a target with sb2-init, -t option can specify the tools to use.

install sb2 ./configure --prefix=/usr && sb2 make && sb2 -m install make install, this assists in installing files to where you want them (in the buildroot), while allowing the build system to attempt to install them into /usr