Information for users who want to check out repositories and use them to build code and isolate bugs can find more information on the users page.


Information for developers who want to commit code and push and/or send patches can be found on the developers page.

Owen Taylor has created a tool for integrating git and bugzilla updates. Documentation is provided with the tool and it has been further described in Owen's blog: git-bz: Bugzilla subcommand for Git, git bz push.

Creating your own repository

Please see the repository admin page. integration

If you want your notifications on IRC, we support integration with File a ticket to have your hook scripts updated, and make sure to tell us what the project name is.

Migration from CVS

Instructions on migrating from CVS are available.


We are also maintaining a rough wishlist of what we'd like to see changed in git.

More Resources

More documentation for both users and developers can be found at these sites: