This project aims to provide a full-sized CJK unicode truetype font set, supporting all CJK characters in Unicode plane 0 (BMP) and plane 2. These fonts are under heavy development, new releases containing more glyphs every time are released on a flexible base.



  • 2008/02/16 Version 0.2.20080216.1 has been released. This release contains major changes, please consult the Changelog files before installing them.
  • 2006/09/28 Version 0.1.20060928 has been released.
  • 2006/09/03 Version 0.1.20060903 has been released.
  • 2006/06/06 Registered IRC channels on (The channels on are still available).
  • 2006/05/13 Version 0.1.20060513 has been released.
  • 2006/04/21 Two mailing lists have been registered: CJKUnifonts-devel and CJKUnifonts-MinnanIM. Please use UTF-8 for posting! Only subscribers are allowed to post to the lists, so please subscribe first.
  • 2006/02/13 Version 0.1.20060108-1 has been released.
  • 2005/11/14 Version 0.1-1 has been released.
  • 2005/08/23 New project domain:
    This site is now also reachable under In fact the domain points to this page. :)
  • 2005/08/23 Registered IRC channels on freenode.
    Join #cjkunifonts and ask your questions or join the discussion. Please use UTF-8 for posting!


  • Aaron Cheung
  • Akar Chen
  • Alex Ho
  • 高盛華 Arne Götje (Project leader)
  • Chow Lok Yuen
  • CP Tung
  • Eric(EC-graphic)
  • Eric Chan Chi Shing
  • Firefly
  • Ga Ming
  • Jack Tse
  • John Knightley
  • John Ma
  • Kevin Tse
  • K.M. Lau
  • Kong
  • Kwok Wun Yung
  • Lam Wai Tung
  • Maurizio M. Gavioli
  • Munkwui Ho
  • Qianqian Fang
  • Simon Wong
  • Shiu Kau Wong
  • Wily Yuen

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