Difference between the patches of [[immodule-qt][immodule for Qt]]

This project produces several related patches intended for different purposes.

'Unified' patch

                 * This patch is created by merging 'Binary Compatible' codes into 'ALL' to reduce maintenance cost. You can configure both 'BC' or 'ALL' functionality. All unified patches are indicated with a '-unified' in the filename (e.g. `qt-x11-immodule-unified-qt3.3.2-20040811.diff.gz`) 

'Binary Compatible' patch

                 * This patch is intended to be used with Qt3. The resulting patched version of Qt is binary compatible with an unpatched version. All binary compatible patches are indicated with a '-bc' in the filename (e.g. `qt-x11-immodule-bc-qt3.3.2-20040623.diff`) 

'ALL' patch

                 * The patch is intended to be merged into Qt4 (although currently based on Qt3). Binary compatibility (ABI) is broken with Qt3. The patch contains '-all' in its name (e.g. qt-x11-immodule-all-qt3.3.1-20040316.diff) 

incremental diffs for developers

                 * Some other patches are incremental diff for developers. They are merged into '-bc' and '-all' version once they are validated. (e.g. qt-x11-immodule-simplified-api-qt3.3.2-20040615.diff) 

-- Main.?YamaKen - 09 Sep 2004