Possible Packaging for the traditional X applications

Most, but not all of the applications shipped traditionally have much more modern GUI equivalents. But some do not, or are useful for scripting and still valuable.

Utilities Package (xutilities)

Program Description Comments
iceauth ICE authority file utility DONE
luit Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals DONE
smproxy Session Manager Proxy DONE
x11perf X11 server performance test program
xauth X authority file utility
xcmsdb Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System DONE
xcursorgen create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images
xdpyinfo display information utility for X
xev print contents of X events DONE
xhost server access control program for X
xinit X Window System initializer
xlsatoms list interned atoms defined on server DONE
xlsclients list client applications running on a display DONE
xkill kill a client by its X resource DONE
xmodmap utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X DONE
xprop property displayer for X DONE
xrandr primitive command line interface to R!andR extension DONE
xrdb X server resource database utility
xrefresh refresh all or part of an X screen DONE
xsetroot xsetroot - root window parameter setting utility for X DONE
xset user preference utility for X
xwininfo window information utility for X DONE
xvidtune video mode tuner for X!Free86
xgamma Alter a monitor?s gamma correction for !XFree86
xsetmode xsetmode - set the mode for an X Input device DONE
xsetpointer set an X Input device as the main pointer DONE
xsm X Session Manager
xvinfo Print out !X-Video extension adaptor information

XKB Package (xkbprogs)

Not all X servers support XKB, so the clients should be separate.

Program Description Comments
setxkbmap set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension DONE
xkbcomp compile XKB keyoard description
xkbevd XKB event daemon DONE
xkbprint print an XKB keyboard description DONE
xkbutils XKB utilities DONE

Xt utilities Package (xtutilities)

Lots of people no longer care about Xt; but some still care about Motif a lot.

Test package available from http://freedesktop.org/~markh/xapps/xtutilities

Program Description Comments
appres list X application resource database DONE
editres a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications DONE
listres list resources in widgets DONE
viewres graphical class browser for Xt DONE

X Traditional Programs Package (xtrad)

Basically, these are all replaced by modern desktop programs and are generally not maintained as it is, with the possible exception of xedit.

Program Description Comments
beforelight sample implementation of screen saver extension
bitmap bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System DONE
cxpm Check an XPM (X PixMap) file - XPM 1, 2, or 3.
ico animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
oclock round X clock DONE
rgb? uncompile an rgb color-name database
sxpm Show an XPM (X PixMap) file and/or convert XPM 1 or 2 files to XPM 3. DONE
xbiff mailbox flag for X
xcalc scientific calculator for X
xclipboard? X clipboard client DONE
xclock analog / digital clock for X
xconsole monitor system console messages with X
xditview display ditroff output
xedit simple text editor for X
xeyes a follow the mouse X demo DONE
xf86dga test program for the !XFree86-DGA extension
xgc X graphics demo DONE
xload system load average display for X
xlogo X Window System logo
xmag magnify parts of the screen DONE
xman Manual page display program for the X Window System
xmessage display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo) DONE
xmh send and read mail with an X interface to MH
xstdcmap? X standard colormap utility DONE
xwd dump an image of an X window
xwud image displayer for X DONE
xtrap !XTrap sample clients
dpsexec Display PostScript Executive
dpsinfo Display PostScript Information
makepsres Build PostScript resource database file
texteroids test your mousing skills on spinning text

Core Fonts Package (xfontprogs)

It is now possible to live entirely with client side fonts, so it should be possible to punt all the utilities related to them.

Program Description Comments
bdftopcf convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
mkcfm create summaries of font metric files in CID font directories
xlsfonts server font list displayer for X
mkfontdir create an index of X font files in a directory
mkfontscale create an index of scalable font files for X
xfd display all the characters in an X font
xfontsel point and click selection of X11 font names

Font Server Package (xfsprogs)

Font servers may be needed in legacy environments, so we can't just forget them.

Program Description Comments
fslsfonts generate BDF font from X font server
fstobdf generate BDF font from X font server
showfont font dumper for X font server
xfs X font server
xfsinfo X font server information utility

!OpenGL Package (xglprogs)

Program Description Comments
glxgears GLX version of the infamous "gears" GL demo
glxinfo display info about a GLX extension and !OpenGL renderer

LBX Package (xlbxprogs)

LBX should be strongly deprecated in favor of ssh, with a reference to the 2003 Usenix performance paper and the terrible security situation.

Program Description Comments
lbxproxy Low BandWidth X proxy
xfindproxy locate proxy services
proxymngr proxy manager service

Redundant Package (xredundant)

Twm, xterm and xdm are commonly replaced by desktop specific components: but there is also a set of low resource systems who use these applications, so claiming they are obsolete is a mistake. But if you were installing either KDE or Gnome, you'd be unlikely to want these applications.

Program Description Comments
twm Tab Window Manager for the X Window System
xdm X Display Manager with support for XDMCP, host chooser
xterm terminal emulator for X

Imake Package

Program Description Comments
imake Imake program Need imake to build existing apps and need it for AC_EXTRAS

What to do about????

I suspect we should put these into a package, but not normally install the programs, maybe with README's explaining why.

Program Description Comments
rstart a sample implementation of a Remote Start client deprecated to ssh/sshd
scripts start an X program on a remote machine deprecated due to insecurity to ssh/sshd
xfwp X Firewall Proxy obsolete in favor of ssh?
xrx Web plug in software; not a normal user executable

-- Main.?MarkHymers - 25 Jun 2004