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IRC and Matrix

The #pulseaudio channel on OFTC is our official IRC channel. Learn how to Connect to OFTC via client, or connect via the OFTC WebChat. As an anti-spam measure, only people who have created an account on OFTC are allowed to join the channel.

You can also join our official Matrix channel at #pulseaudio:matrix.org.

The IRC and Matrix channels are bridged, so you can choose either one (and probably do not want to choose both).

Mailing Lists


PulseAudio has been developed by:

The following people have also made contributions (this list isn't really maintained at all):

  • Jeff Waugh - Initial Ubuntu/Debian packages
  • Miguel Freitas - Xine driver
  • Joe Marcus Clarke, Diego Pettenó - Porting to FreeBSD
  • Sebastien Estienne - Testing
  • Igor Zubkov - Some portability patches and packages for ALT Linux Sisyphus
  • Jan Schmidt - Some latency interpolation love
  • Shahms E. King (shahms)

And a lot of other folks. Consult git for a complete list of contributors.

The PulseAudio logo has been designed by Pierre Ossman and Rafael Jannone.