Fun quotes from IRC. Take this stuff seriously at your own peril.

Ford_Prefect | What I want to know is when we're going to have
             | S64LE
Ford_Prefect | What's the point of buyng a 64-bit processor if I'm
             | using 32-bit samples
      heftig | what do you want to do? accurately replay a jet,
             | then a gnat?
       ohsix | when we need to represent the center of the sun and
             | the universe background radiation in the same
             | perceptible segment
Ford_Prefect | I want to play the sound of a tree falling in a
             | forest when there's nobody around to watch

courmisch | I don't wanna hear excuses! the fact is that PA
          | does not support double precision
   heftig | fuck double, implement a 'bc' backend