Standard Type Services Framework

* Note that work on this project ceased in 2005 and most of the previous sources are gone or no longer functional. *

Standard Type Services Framework (STSF) is a text imaging and font handling framework for application developers. It is portable across different platforms and graphic systems.

Due to its layered design, STSF can be easily integrated into any graphics environment. An STSF binding for the X Window System implementation is available in the STSF-CURRENT branch of the xorg tree.


28 Feb 2005: A security issue (CVE-2005-0576) has been found and fixed in stfontserverd - see the announcement for details on how to get the fix. -- AlanCoopersmith

26 Mar 2004: Welcome to the new home of STSF. -- AlexanderGelfenbain


The CVS tree was available at

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-- AlexanderGelfenbain - 26 Mar 2004