scim-hangul 0.1.2 is available (29 Aug 2004)

                 * Work around for OOo to fix OnTheSpot support issue. 

scim-m17n 0.1.3 is available (29 Aug 2004)

                 * Fixed a NULL pointer bug, if m17n-lib is not installed. 

scim-tables 0.4.3 is available (29 Aug 2004)

                 * Updated ZhuYin table. 

scim-lib 0.99.9 is available (29 Aug 2004)

                 * Try to fix a bug which will cause scim fail to start the first time. 
                 * Improved OnTheSpot support. 
                 * Added hotkeys to popup the input method menu (default are Ctrl+Alt+l,Ctrl+Alt+m,Ctrl+Alt+s,Ctrl+Alt+Right). 
                 * Added German translation. 
                 * Some other small bugfixes. 

skim 0.9.7 (1.0.0rc1) released (28 Aug 2004)

                 * New translations for German, Japanese, Korean and Tranditional Chinese: thanks to Jan, Yukiko, Kitae and Jim Huang; 
                 * Now fully i18ned: include all translatible strings. 
                 * Get rid of extra space in text buttons in the mainwindow; 
                 * New option -f: with this option, skim will start even if scim-panel-gtk is running; 
                 * Moved libskim and libscim-kdeutils to ${libdir}; 
                 * New Translator Tab in the about dialog ;) 
                 * Fixed other minor bugs. 

If no bugs are reported, this would become the 1.0 version.

scim-chinese 0.4.2, scim-hangul 0.1.1, scim-uim 0.1.3, scim-m17n 0.1.2 are available (22 Aug 2004)

                 * Install module and icon file into right directory, no matter use which $prefix directory. 

scim-lib 0.99.8 is available (22 Aug 2004)

                 * Fixed a 64bit bug in scim-setup. 
                 * Added DISCARD_INVALID_KEY into table setup module. 
                 * "English/European" honors the user settings in !IMEngine !SetupUI. 

skim 0.9.6 released (20 Aug 2004)

                 * Rewrote the config module support: now only reload settings when necessary; 
                 * New Korean Translation (thanks to Kitae); 
                 * New setup UI for scim-hangul. 

scim-tables 0.4.2 is available (19 Aug 2004)

                 * Added DISCARD_INVALID_KEY option into Wubi table. 

scim-lib 0.99.7 is available (19 Aug 2004)

                 * Fixed some 64bit and endian related bugs in X11 FrontEnd. 
                 * Added ko.po. 
                 * Added DISCARD_INVALID_KEY option into table IMEngine module. 
                 * Some other minor fixes. 

scim-hangul 0.1.0 is available (16 Aug 2004)

                 * Work around for some buggy clients, like java. 
                 * Added ja.po and zh_CN.po, updated ko.po 

scim-uim 0.1.2 is available (16 Aug 2004)

                 * Turn on uim context as soon as it's created. 

scim-hangul 0.0.3 is available (13 Aug 2004)

                 * Don't hide output mode property when input mode is DIRECT_INPUT. 

scim-chinese 0.4.1 is available (13 Aug 2004)

                 * Minor bugfixes. 

scim-tables 0.4.1 is available (13 Aug 2004)

                 * Cantonese table has been updated. Thanks Matthew LEE <<a href=""></a>> very much. 
                 * Updated Array30 and ZhuYin table to show key prompt instead of the raw key. 

scim-lib 0.99.6 is available (13 Aug 2004)

                 * Move scim-launcher and scim-panel-gtk into /usr/lib/scim-1.0 to meet FHS requirement. 
                 * Implement SHOW_KEY_PROMPT option in table IMEngine to show key prompt instead of the raw key. 
                 * Fixed a bug which causes segfault on x86_64 platform. 
                 * Fixed a bug which prevents from loading modules. 
                 * split the compose key data to a separated header file. 
                 * Some other minor bugfixes and updates. 

skim 0.9.5 released (12 Aug 2004)

                 * Changed the actionlist name; 
                 * New option to only display the icon of current input method; 
                 * fixed compile issue under Slackware; 
                 * fixed other minor bugs. 

scim-hangul 0.0.2 is available (3 Aug 2004)

                 * A GUI Setup module is available. 
                 * Fixed some hotkey handling issues. 

skim 0.9.4 released (2 Aug 2004)

                 * Completed setup UI for smartpinyin and scim global settings. 
                 * Fixed Qt 3.2.x compile issue. 
                 * Fixed gcc 3.2.x + Qt 3.2.x compile issue (under Slackware hopefully). 
                 * Fixed !FreeBSD compatible issue. 
                 * Fixed other minor bugs. 

scim-hangul 0.0.1 is available (2 Aug 2004)

                 * scim-hangul is a Hangul !IMEngine which is ported from imhangul project ( 
                 * The usage is almost same as imhangul. 

scim-lib 0.99.5 is available (28 Jul 2004)

                 * Full Compose key support is available. 
                 * The most Factory and Instance management code have been moved from FrontEndBase to BackEndBase. 
                 * Some minor bugfixes. 

skim 0.9.3 released (17 Jul 2004)

  • ChangeLog since skim 0.9.1: * Fixed gcc 3.4.x compile issues; * New appearance of inputwindow and mainwindow (hopefully it's better now); * Fixed icon size issues in serveral UIs; * New setupUI for scim global settings; * New layout in Configure Dialog.

scim-lib 0.99.4 is available (17 Jul 2004)

                 * Improve gtkimmodule to support compose keys. 
                 * Add all key symbols defined in X11 into scim_event.h. 
                 * Extend KeyEvent interface to support KeyEvent to Unicode conversion. 
                 * Improve the key selection dialog. Now uses a key grabbing window instead of the key list. 

scim-lib 0.99.3 is available (11 Jul 2004)

                 * Implemented scim_global_config_write, scim_global_config_reset and scim_global_config_flush. 
                 * Moved /DisabledIMEngineFactories and /DefaultIMEngineFactory into global config file. 
                 * Fixed trayicon compilation issue with gtk+2.0.x 
                 * Added scim_usleep in scim_utility.h, improved scim launching code. 

scim-qtimm is available in svn (05 Jul 2004)

                 * First release to public, please check the [[ScimQtImm][details|ScimQtImm][details]]. 

skim 0.9.1 released (03 Jul 2004):

                 * NEW setupui for scim-lib, including generic table IMEngine and smartpinyin. Now most of the important settings of scim-lib can be configured in skim; 
                 * NEW script wrapper scim-panel-kde: it won't load scimlauncher plugin, so it can be used to replace scim-panel-gtk straightforward; 
                 * NEW options: -l, -n and --np to customize which plugins will be enabled/disabled; 
                 * fixed property support bugs; 
                 * fixed some issues in rendering text in inputwindow; 
                 * updated zh_CN translation; 
                 * other minor improvement. 

scim-lib 0.99.2 is available:

                 * Use only UTF-8 encoding in gtk2 immodule. 
                 * Add scim_global_config_read method to read the global config file of libscim (usually `/etc/scim/global` or `/usr/etc/scim/global`). 
                 * Move scim-panel-gtk to /usr/libexec/ 
                 * Add scim_launch_panel method to launch the panel process. 
                 * Some bugfixes. 

scim-lib 0.99.1 is available:

                 * Added SCIM_TRANS_CMD_EXIT into socket transaction protocol. 
                 * X11 FrontEnd and gtk2 immodule can be exited by panel. 
                 * Fixed some minor bugs in makefiles and configure script. 

-- Main.?LiuCougar - 11 Oct 2004