Roadmap for SCIM project

SCIM 1.0

All features for 1.0 are available, official 1.0 version is released(4 Sep 2004).

SCIM 1.5

                 * Generic reverse lookup support between (Chinese) IMEngines; 
                 * Automatic online Simplified Chinese <-> Traditional Chinese transform support (transparent to IMEngines); 
                 * Support for exporting/importing user defined phrases; 
                 * API/GUI for editing user-defined phrases; 
                 * API/GUI for creating user-defined table-based input method (as the one shipped with Windows); 
                 * <a href="">Linux Registry</a> config module; 
                 * <a href="">DOAP</a> description. 

SCIM 2.0

                 * Complete multi-user support; 
                 * Console Frontend; 
                 * Split Gtk/Gnome related components into a separate packages. 

SCIM Future

                 * Context sensitive keyboard layout switch; 
                 * Each IMEngine can have a default keyboard layout; 
                 * Pure XML based configure interface support. 

-- Main.?KitaeKim - 09 Sep 2004