The schedule of coming XKeyboardConfig releases

Date Event Comment
11.09.2007 Freeze for Release 1.1 rules/* frozen except for critical bugs, notifications sent to translators
25.09.2007 Release 1.1 First scheduled release
15.01.2008 Freeze for Release 1.2
29.01.2008 Release 1.2
13.05.2008 Freeze for Release 1.3
27.05.2008 Release 1.3

Release schedule principles

  1. Releases are made every 4 months

  2. Two weeks before release, there is a freeze on rules directory:

    1. rules/ is stable for translators to work
    2. rules/base is stable, since rules are the most sensitive part of the build
  3. The release is performed on last Tuesday of the month.