Xft To Do List

A directory of Related Freedesktop.org To Do Projects is available.

Work on Xft is almost complete, but there are a few loose ends, as documented below. Contact Main.KeithPackard about Fontconfig projects.

Project Type Description Diff/Size Comp.
Extend Xt code Make it easy for Xt based apps to use Xft easy/small 0%
Update Xaw to use Xft2 code Update Xaw to use Xft2, to eliminate another source of ugly characters on your screen. easy/small 0%
Stamp out bitmap text code Pick your favorite toolkit application that still uses core fonts and update it: thousands to choose from (but not Qt or GTK apps). GTK and Qt already have Xft support easy/small 0%

-- Main.?JimGettys - 11 Feb 2004