Ytstenut C2S Account Setup

For a client-to-server scenario, Telepathy needs to be configured with the account to use. We'll be using a fictional account of with the password of 1234.

  1. Add account
mc-tool add gabble/jabber Romeo string:password=1234

You will see mc-tool reporting back an account ID of gabble/jabber/romeo_40montague_2eorg0.

  1. Activate the account Newly added accounts are turned off by default, that needs to be changed in order to use it.
mc-tool enable gabble/jabber/romeo_40montague_2eorg0
  1. Finally the account needs to be online so it can be discovered by peers.
mc-tool request gabble/jabber/romeo_40montague_2eorg0 available

The account summary and current status can be inspected using

mc-tool show gabble/jabber/romeo_40montague_2eorg0

In case the server uses an invalid SSL certificate, the check can be switched off. However one should be aware of the security implications.

mc-tool update gabble/jabber/romeo_40montague_2eorg0 bool:ignore-ssl-errors=true