The debrix project is for work on making the X.Org X Server use automake and friends, and may be used for development that's likely to require GDB (such as new integration work like Composite merging). It's in an arch repository hosted by daniels. You should get baz from your distribution or Download baz and follow the instructions below on how to to check out the repository.

First, introduce yourself to arch, substituting your name/mail. You should need to do this if you will be committing code changes:

baz my-id "First M. Last <>"

Checking out an arch repository

Tell baz about daniels's repository:

baz register-archive

Note: Some users may get "webdav error: Could not resolve hostname `': Host not found"

To correct this, edit your /etc/hosts and add line:

Check out the debrix Xserver, and drivers:

baz get -A debrix--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-driver-ati--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-input-keyboard--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-input-mouse--devel--0.1

Change directory to the repository of your choice if you want to build it: ie, cd debrix--devel--0.1

Note: Currently only the ATI driver, keyboard, and mouse driver are split from the monolithic tree and work with debrix.

If you want to see if there have been code changes in the repository, just run:

baz update

Mirroring an arch repository

You may want to make a mirror of daniels's repository, so you can look through revisions while you're on the plane. If so, then do the following.

baz register-archive
baz make-archive --mirror-from /home/someone/arch/debrix
baz archive-mirror
baz get -A debrix--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-driver-ati--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-input-keyboard--devel--0.1
baz get -A debrix-input-mouse--devel--0.1

How to setup a local branch

One of the cool features of baz is that you can easily set up a local branch of the upstream archive. To do this, it's a good idea to first mirror daniels's archive locally as described above. Then create you own local archive which is a bit like a local !CVS repository. When you make your archive, please please sign your archive with GnuPG.

The example below checks out all of the debrix repositories. This will create a branch for each in your local archive and tag the upstream branch into them. When you commit to your local branch, your commit logs will show your name as set by 'baz my-id`:

baz my-id "First M. Name <>"
baz register-archive
baz make-archive /home/someone/arch/debrix
baz my-default-archive

cd /some/location/for/sources 

baz get debrix && cd debrix &&
baz branch debrix--myemailname--0.1 && cd ..

baz get debrix-driver-ati &&
cd debrix-driver-ati && baz branch debrix-driver-ati--myemailname--0.1 && cd ..

baz get debrix-input-keyboard && 
cd debrix-input-keyboard && baz branch debrix-input-keyboard--myemailname--0.1 && cd ..

baz get debrix-input-mouse && 
cd debrix-input-mouse && baz branch debrix-input-mouse--myemailname--0.1 && cd ..

At this point you can check out your local branch and start hacking

baz get debrix--myemailname--0.1 mydebrix-current
baz get debrix--driver-ati--myemailname--0.1 mydebrix--ati-current
baz get debrix--input-keyboard--myemailname--0.1 mydebrix--keyboard-current
baz get debrix--input-mouse--myemailname--0.1 mydebrix--mouse-current

If you want to merge in changes from the upstream branch use the star-merge command from the mydebrix-current directory:

baz star-merge

You can do this for all the other modules checked out as well.

Resources/How to get involved

Note: This project needs your help. You can find out more information on the xorgMailingLists _The mailing list for debrix is xorg.

You can also help by coming on IRC to, channel #xorg-devel to get started!

More info about local branches can be found in the tla tutorial. The section on mirroring is useful if you want to share your local branch.