Roadmap for skim

skim 1.1

                 * Split IMEngine specific config plugins into their corresponding packages (such as scim-chinese); 
                 * Better hierarchy support of config plugins in configure dialog; 

skim 1.2

                 * Full setup UI for scim-table; 

skim 1.5

                 * GUI for editing user-defined phrases; 
                 * GUI for creating user-defined table-based input method (as the one shipped with Windows). 

after Qt4/KDE4

                 * mouse support in inputwindow (lookuptable); 
                 * full setup ui for generic table IMEngine. 

skim Future

                 * Generic soft keyboard. 

Other (mainly about art design)

                 * New appearance; 
                 * New icon set. 

I have little idea about art design, so if you are good at this field and willing to give a hand, please offer it in our mailing list or write directly to the mailto:liuspider''ZAI'' author, thanks.

-- Main.?LiuCougar - 19 Sep 2004