sysadmin project


  • There are two modules right now.
  • tinderclient - these are the client scripts for running tinderboxes.
  • tinderbox3 - these are the server cgi-bin scripts for tinderbox.

Released Packages

The tinderbox client scripts.


You can either use your account and SSH or use anonymous CVS with:

$ cvs -d login
CVS password: <hit return>
$ cvs -d co <module>

Browse CVS with View CVS.


Each module has space in the bugzilla.


Information about fd.o's tinderboxes can be found in the TinderboxWiki.

Mailing List

Discussion about these libraries should occur on the Release Wrangler's mailing list.

State of the sysadmin projects

  • The initial version of the tinderbox server is installed.
  • The initial version of the tinderbox script is also available. Lots of additional features could/should be added.

-- Main.?JimGettys - 09 Mar 2004