X Libraries and Protocol Headers Project

This project is obsolete, and will be replaced by the modular X libraries in future Xorg releases. The rest of this page is preserved for historical interest only.


                 * If you want to compile the whole set of libraries with the xlibs package, make sure you install the fontconfig package first. 
                 * <a href="../DamageExt/">DamageExt</a> - X Damage extension headers and specification 
                 * <a href="../FixesExt/">FixesExt</a> - X Fixes extension headers and specification 
                 * ICE - Inter Client Exchange library 
                 * Randr - X Resize and Rotate extension headers 
                 * Render - X Render extension headers 
                 * ResourceExt - X Resource usage extension headers 
                 * SM - Session Management library 
                 * <a href="../X11/">X11</a> - Base X libs 
                 * XExtensions - various extension headers 
                 * XRes - X Resource usage library 
                 * XTrap - X protocol-trapping extension library 
                 * Xau - Authorization Protocol for X 
                 * Xaw - X Athena Widgets library 
                 * Xcursor - Client-side cursor loading library 
                 * Xdamage - X Damage extension library 
                 * Xdmcp - X Display Manager Control Protocol library 
                 * Xext - X Extension library 
                 * Xfixes - X Fixes extension library 
                 * Xfont - X font libary (used by the X server) 
                 * <a href="../Xft/">Xft</a> - X FreeType library.  Client-side fonts with FreeType 
                 * Xi - X Input extension library 
                 * Xinerama - X PanoramiX extension library 
                 * Xmu - X Miscellaneous Utilities library 
                 * Xp - X print 
                 * Xpm - X Pixmap library 
                 * Xproto - X protocol and ancillary headers 
                 * Xrandr - X Resize and Rotate extension library 
                 * Xrender - X Render extension library 
                 * Xss - X screen saver ; A newer smarter version of this may be nice 
                 * Xt - X Toolkit library 
                 * Xtst - Client library for X Record and Test extensions 
                 * Xv - X Video extension library 
                 * XvMC - X Video Motion Compensation library 
                 * Xxf86dga - Direct access to framebuffer, desired by many graphics libraries. 
                 * Xxf86misc - getting and setting of input device attributes ; possible ideas for better device handling 
                 * Xxf86rush - client library for Rush extension, used on older Voodoo cards 
                 * Xxf86vm - Vid``Mode extension that allows modifying video attributes on the fly 
                 * xlibs - meta package to help build all of the libraries 
                 * xtrans - network API translation layer to insulate X applications and libraries from OS network vageries 
                 * <a href="../XKeyboardConfig/">XKeyboardConfig</a> - Non-arch X Keyboard Configuration Database 

Released Packages

Here are various released libraries (link broken)

Here are various tarballs which aren't really ready for release (link broken)

The above links are broken. There are a bunch of tarballs here:

More and newer tarballs are here:


You can either use your freedesktop.org account and SSH or use anonymous CVS with:

$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/xlibs login
CVS password: <hit return>
$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/xlibs co <product>

Commits to the CVS generate mail on the xlibs-commit mailing list.

Browse CVS with ViewCVS


Each module has space in the freedesktop.org bugzilla


Projects can be found in the XlibsWiki.

Mailing List

The mailing list is closed. See the Xorg project for more information.