The detailed description of the XOrg Foundation can be found on their own wiki pages.

X.Org Foundation Implementation of X11

The X.Org Foundation produces and maintains an open-source implementation of the X Window System. The X protocol is at version 11, and is referred to as X11. The current release of Xorg, which implements the X11 protocol and numerous extensions, is version 7.1.


See XOrgNews for information about progress being made in the !XOrg Foundation tree. See the Release plan and Release Status page for information about the status of the next X11 release.

To Do

See XOrgToDo for a list of tasks that need to be done.


The freedesktop bugzilla can be found on Use the "xorg" product to report bugs against the XOrg Foundation tree.

Bugs assigned to the pseudo-user need someone to take ownership of them. If you feel qualified to fix the bug, feel free to take ownership of the bug by reassigning it to yourself.


The Xorg tree's build status can be easily monitored by looking at the tinderbox. Discussions about the tinderbox itself are in the TinderboxWiki.


Please check X.Org's CVS page for information on CVS access. Please see the U.S. Export regulations page as the server is located in the United States.

The initial license policy strawman should be discussed on the mailing list. Before committing code, you should be aware of the strawman, and contribute your thoughts on whether the policy outlined is correct for the goals of X Window System development.

Mailing Lists

User and support mailing lists are still under construction. Please check XorgMailingLists for a list of developers mailing lists.