DBPC Servers : specification, interfaces and methods description



A DBPC server is a D-Bus service offering communication facilities with industrial equipement.

Servers type

Server can be mandatory for a field bus, protocol or electronic equipment :

  * **Field bus or protocol based servers** allow retrieving tags value trough a communication interface and make those values available, thanks to D-bus, trough a DBPC server.  
  * **Electronic device based server** are generally supplied by manufacturers which would provide a standardized interface for there equipments within Linux systems.  

D-bus service bus name

D-Bus service name of DBPC server begin always with "org.dbpc.". Usually server name correspond to the corresponding protocol. (example: org.dbpc.modbustcp)

An other name can be choose with option -n

Servers configuration file

By default, configuration file is stored in "/etc/dbpc/". Configuration file has the same name than the D-Bus service name, folowed by ".conf". (example: modbustcp.conf)

Another file can be choose with option -f

Server methods

<!DOCTYPE node PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD D-BUS Object Introspection 1.0//EN"
<node name="/org/dbpc/server">

  <interface name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable">
    <method name="Introspect">
      <arg direction="out" type="s" />

  <interface name="org.dbpc.server">
    <method name="get_state">
      <arg direction="in"  type="v" name="variant" />
      <arg direction="out" type="s" />


Server implementation name

Server implementations are usually named with the field bus or protocol designation, optionally followed by a specific name or identifier and finishing with "DBPC server". (example: ModbusTCP_..._DBPCserver)

Generic server may be only called with a specific name or identifier followed by "DBPCserver".

Electronic equipment server name usually begin with manufacturer name followed by model designation and finish with "DBPC_server". (example: Wago_750-863_DBPCserver)