This page is part of the OpenRaster file format description.

Please add your application here when you implement OpenRaster support.

Editing applications

Application Basic support Default file format
MyPaint Since 0.6 (January 2009) Yes
DrawPile In development version (June 2009), will be in 0.7 Unknown
Krita Since 2.0 (May 2009) No
GIMP In development version (January 2010), will be in 2.8 Plug-in for 2.6 available No
Pinta Since 0.4 (July 2010) Unknown
Native Since 0.908 (June 2010) Yes Plugin (OpenRaster Filetype) No
Scribus Since 1.5.0svn (March 2014) No


gegl: Reported by author to be able to open files produced by ?MyPaint

Preview applications

No known implementation as of October 2010. Support in Gtk and Qt based applications, via GdkPixbuf and !QImage is planned.