This page is part of the OpenRaster file format description.

File type association

MIME type

For GNU/Linux and similar systems

  • shared-mime-info version > 0.60 will have image/openraster available
  • Krita (in next released version, which will be the stable 2.1, in the end) uses this version, albeit carrying a local copy of it (to avoid a dependency on a not-released-yet shared-mime-info version) Details:

File manager preview / Thumbnailer

Platform Upstream support Support via ODF compatibility Standalone support API documentation
GNOME N/A ooo-thumbnailer? ?ora-thumbnailers Nautilus thumbnail API
KDE patch available for KOffice ?ora-thumbnailers Kio:ThumbCreator
Xfce <= 4.8 thunar-thumbnailers for thunar-thumbnailers ?ora-thumbnailers Thunar thumbnail API
Xfce >= 4.8 Explicit support for image/openraster in tumbler's odf-thumbnailer plugin. Packaged in Debian as "tumbler-plugins-extra". N/A
Windows N/A patches welcome for ?LibreOffice forum thread with code IThumbnailProvider/IExtractImage
Mac OS X N/A ? QLThumbnailRequest