Notes from XDND round-table at XDevConf 2005:

  • ordering of types

                 * - Not specified, but qt implements it - would be good if everyone supported it.  higher priority are chosen first.  This fixes dropping content onto file browser (gedit->konqi, etc) 
  • text encodings - apps do educated guess?

                 * - Defined UTF-8 as encoding for text content? 
                                         * - Ability to provide other encodings too? - Backwards compat issue - Put charset/encoding into the mimetype? (text/html:utf-8) 
  • Mini spec (registry) of how to do various encodings needs to be created

  • suggested filenames

                 * - (using zip/tar? ..  text/html@zip) - performance with tar/zip? 
                                         * - OASIS? - needs experiments - remote X server could be slow, but worth the effort? 
  • applying to uri-list drag

                 * - problem of remote clients (<span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Specifications%2FXDNDRevision&amp;page=file%3A" rel="nofollow">?</a>file:/</span> not valid on the other host) - hostname not implemented well 
                             * - applying uri-list with second target of content is not implemented anywhere but a possible solution (the ROX applications support this for single-file drags using application/octet-stream, but you have to turn off "Don't use hostnames" in the Compatibility box, which breaks some other applications) - alternative having a second response saying "give me the content" - uuid to make hostname issue easier to deal with 
  • kio copying uri list - how to know who owns

                 * - Qt problem - doesn't expose ability to say "I'm done, do your delete" - basically a UI problem during long operations - XDS is a solution? 

    See also Draganddropwarts.