Sound Theme and Naming Specifications


A sound theme is a set of sounds, sharing similarities / instruments... The user can then select the sound theme that they want to use, and all applications will use sounds from the theme. This definition is similar to icon theme.

These two specs are heavily based on the "Icon Theme Specification", the "Icon Naming Specification" and the "Bango Project". Comments are welcome!

git clone

yelp $PWD/sound-theme-spec/spec/sound-theme-spec.xml
yelp $PWD/sound-theme-spec/spec/sound-naming-spec.xml

Mailing list

Discussion of this specification should occur on xdg. If you have comments to these specs or think a new name needs to be added to the sound-naming-spec, please don't hesitate to send a request by email.

The Sound Theme Spec

  • Post-0.5 Snapshot (draft) - html

The Sound Naming Spec

  • Post-0.3 Snapshot (draft) - html

Known Implementation



  • Gnome: In use
  • Enlightenment: Not in use (themes are single binary files)

Please update this page if you know about the status of this specification in a specific desktop environment.

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