Windows X11 Driver


The goal of this project is to develop an Windows display driver which uses X11 as output.


The driver will act as a mirror driver and will not replace the normal display driver of windows. All drawing activities are serialized into a stream protocol which is readable by a client application. The client application will convert the stream protocol into coresponding X11 calls and will manage window creation/closing, remote mouse and keyboard input.


                 * Get the mirror driver sample from the MS DDK running 
                 * Create serialization of the driver function calls 
                 * Translate the serialization to X11 (code from wine x11drv may help) 
                 * Implement keyboard and mouse input 
                 * Provide 1-1 window mapping between Windows and X11 


Where references and sample implementations can be found

                 * Windows DDK (mirror display driver) 
                 * Wine x11drv 
                 * React/OS display drivers 
                 * <a href="">TightVNC</a> 

-- Main.AlexanderGottwald - 25 May 2004