PulseAudio  16.0
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 channelmap.hConstants and routines for channel mapping handling
 context.hConnection contexts for asynchronous communication with a server
 def.hGlobal definitions
 direction.hUtility functions for pa_direction_t
 error.hError management
 ext-device-manager.hRoutines for controlling module-device-manager
 ext-device-restore.hRoutines for controlling module-device-restore
 ext-stream-restore.hRoutines for controlling module-stream-restore
 format.hUtility functions for handling a stream or sink format
 gccmacro.hGCC attribute macros
 glib-mainloop.hGLIB main loop support
 introspect.hRoutines for daemon introspection
 mainloop-api.hMain loop abstraction layer
 mainloop-signal.hUNIX signal support for main loops
 mainloop.hA minimal main loop implementation based on the C library's poll() function
 operation.hAsynchronous operations
 proplist.hProperty list constants and functions
 pulseaudio.hInclude all libpulse header files at once
 rtclock.hMonotonic clock utilities
 sample.hConstants and routines for sample type handling
 scache.hAll sample cache related routines
 simple.hA simple but limited synchronous playback and recording API
 stream.hAudio streams for input, output and sample upload
 subscribe.hDaemon introspection event subscription subsystem
 thread-mainloop.hA thread based event loop implementation based on pa_mainloop
 timeval.hUtility functions for handling timeval calculations
 utf8.hUTF-8 validation functions
 util.hAssorted utility functions
 volume.hConstants and routines for volume handling
 xmalloc.hMemory allocation functions