Repositories on fd.o take two forms: project repositories (e.g. dbus, cairo), and personal user repositories, which may contain anything. Project repositories are only available to projects already hosted on


If you want a 'project' repository on fd.o, file a bug with Bugzilla requesting a new repository and including the information described in NewProject. If you want commit notifications, please also state that, and let us know where they should go to.

Conversion using the parsecvs tool is also available: this has converted the X.Org, Cairo and XCB repositories, among others, mostly without incident.

Your repository will be available as ssh:// for commit access, and git:// for anonymous access.

Personal repositories

For personal repositories, SSH to and execute:

git --git-dir=repo-name.git init
cd repo-name.git
touch git-daemon-export-ok
vim description
mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update
chmod +x hooks/post-update

You can now push into it from your local repository with: git push --force --all ssh://

and it will be available from git://; it will take up to one hour to be visible on cgit.

To add the new repository as a remote, on your local machine run git remote add fdo ssh:// You can then push to it with git push fdo branchname.