How to request a new project

First, please make sure your project fits within the MissionStatement, if it doesn't, it will be rejected. We prefer hosted projects to be using our infrastructure, so if you plan to use just for bug tracking for instance, your project will be rejected. Not using all services is acceptable, but just using a single one will probably cause your project to be rejected.

If you are in doubt about whether your project is appropriate for, please start a discussion about it on the freedesktop mailing list.

Requesting a new project

  • go to
  • file a bug on the product with the component set to "Project Creation Requests". Make sure the bug includes the following information:
    • project name (if there are any ambiguities about what the unix group name should be, please suggest one as well, else we'll use our best judgement)
    • who should be able to approve new members into your project
    • if you need git hosting: which git repositories you want, each with a short description (to go into .git/description)
    • if you need bugzilla, we need a short product description and a list of components (each with a short description and default assignee)
    • if you need mailing lists, we need the names of all of them and who should be the list administrator.
    • if you need file upload space