Getting involved in projects and our member projects are always looking for more involvement: contributions of code, testing, documentation, QA, triage, support, and more, are always welcome.

Generally, the first point of call is to find the project you want to work on. You can find a list of our software projects and our specifications on this wiki. Most of these projects and/or specifications will have their own Git tree, wiki, and mailing list, where you can browse the code and any current open issues, and get involved with development.

There are also guidelines for proposing a new project, or for anything else you can contact the administrators.

Mailing lists

You can browse all our mailing lists. Most projects have their own mailing list, or specifications are mostly discussed on the xdg@ list.

All these mailing lists are open subscription: you are more than welcome to join.

Please be specific when sending mails: the more detail you can include about what you are trying to achieve (and more importantly, why!), the higher the odds that we can help you.

For general discussion about as a project, we have the freedesktop@ list.

Source code and bugs

Almost all projects will have one or more projects on our GitLab instance. From here, you can clone the existing code, browse existing and file new issues, push back your own contributions and raise a merge request, and more. This is the main entry point for a lot of our projects.

You are free to create new accounts on GitLab in order to contribute to our projects.


See the Translations page to find out where you can contribute translations for some packages.


If you have an IRC client, you can join us on #freedesktop on oftc. You may not get a response immediately, so please be patient and wait in the channel if you would like to discuss anything.