icon-slicer is a utility for generating icon themes and libXcursor cursor themes.

The inputs to icon-slicer are conceptually:

                 * 1 A set of multi-layer images, one for each size. 2 A XML theme description file 

Each image contains all the cursors arranged in a grid; For cursors the layers are:

                 * A layer with a dot for the hotspot of each cursor 
                 * The main image or first animation frame for multi-frame animated cursors 
                 * The second animation frame for multi-frame animated cursors 
                 * ... 

For icons, the layers are:

                 * A layer with the images 
                 * An optional layer with attachment points for emblems 
                 * An optional layer with boxes for embedding text into icons. 

In practice, since loading of multilayer images is not supported by standard image libraries, each layer is input as a separate image file.

The theme description file contains, among other things, information about the source images to read, the location of each named cursor or icon within the grid, and a set of aliases from names to other names.

Compiling icon slicer requires GTK+-2.x (for gdk-pixbuf) and popt to compile.


The CVS module for this spec is "icon-slicer".


The README file contains information about the file format, and command line invocation.


                 * <a href="http://freedesktop.org/software/icon-slicer/releases/icon-slicer-0.3.tar.gz">icon-slicer-0.3.tar.gz</a>: Initial release.